Release Notes 21-Dec-2016

Cedato Support -

Introducing new Reports

We are pleased to introduce our newest improvements in reports and dashboard functionality.

The current release offers our partners the possibility to optimize traffic by providing an overview of all Domains as well as all Domains grouped by Supply of the Network.

To navigate to these reports:

  1. Domains report: Reports > Domains > select 'Domains Overview' to get an overview of all domains of the Network 
  2. Domains by Supply: Reports > Domains > select 'Domains By Supply' to get an overview of all domains of the Network grouped by the available Supplies

Dashboard improvements

  • For an improved demand overview the Demand Type and Demand URL are added to the reports Supply By Demand and Supply By Demand Domains
  • The macro [SUBID] was added to the list of available macros under Demand > Settings > view available macros
  • The dropdown list containing all Supply or Demand in the selected Supply or Demand Tag report, is now sorted alphabetically 
  • The 'Edit' buttons within specific Supply/Demand reports and 'Reports' buttons within specific Supply/Demand edit pages now allow to open the edit page or the reports in a new tab or window.



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