Why you shouldn't be worried about search results listing Cedato/Algovid as malware

Cedato Support -

When you search for "p.algovid.com" in google, you'll notice a set of unpleasant titles such as Malware, Virus, Pop-up ads, and various removal instructions. 
This may lead publishers and partners to believe there's a problem with Cedato in general and with the Algovid domain in specific.
In fact, this is simply smart search engine optimization tactics designed to promote ad blocking and removal software. This affiliate marketing hack takes all the advertising programs which are listed in the open source ad blocking/reporting sites, uses them as keywords and auto-generated content pages that describe how to 'remove' these programs. Part of the removal instruction encourages to download their software.
The same is happening when you look for "ads.adaptv.advertising.com" and most other ad tech providers.
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