Adding a Supply Item

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You can add a Supply item (sometimes referred to as a player) from the Manage Supply page. You can define the content when you create the Supply item or at a later time.

To add a Supply item:

  1. From the Manage menu, select Supply.
  2. On the Manage Supply page, click +Add to display the New Supply page.
  3. Select the Settings tab and then configure these parameters:
    • Set the Supply name and type (HTML Player, VAST, or CedatoX).
    • (Optional) To make the Demand item immediately available for use, verify that the Active checkbox is selected.
    • (Optional) If the Supply item is to be used for ads on mobile devices, select Mobile.
    • From the Supply Cost Type dropdown list, select one of these options:
      • Revshare: Revenue is split between the demand partner (e.g. 30%) and the supply partner (e.g 70%).
      • Fixed CPM by Opportunities: The supply partner is paid per opportunity.
      • Fixed CPM per Impressions: The supply partner is paid per impression.
      • None: There is no supply cost or the supply cost is not calculated on the Cedato platform.
  1. Click Next.
  2. (Optional) Select the Settings tab and enable one or more of these options:
    • Allow sound – Enables the player to play sound.
    • Rotation – Enables the player to play more than a single ad.
    • HTML5 Demand Only – Plays only HTML5 type demand.
    • Auto play – Starts the video automatically.
    • Control bar – Displays a control bar on top of the player.
  3. On the Restrictions tab, on the VAST Requests Limit slider, set the required level to indicate the ad requests rate. For example, when the bar is at “Min”, the system sends the minimum number of ad requests to the demand partner. When set to “Max”, the system sends as many ad requests as required to fulfill the opportunity.
  4. Click Next.
  5. On the Assigned Demand tab, assign demand or click Save to close the page without assigning demand.

Note: When a Supply item is created, Cedato automatically creates an HTML tag for it. This tag should be placed on the publisher’s website.

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