Release Notes 23-MAR-2016

Cedato Support -

Player's VAST request rate limit
So far, it was possible to control the rate of requests sent per VAST. It is now added per Player. So from today, a Player can be configured for the rate of VAST requests that are sent for the entire set of demand VAST assigned for this player in the player setting tab.

Change Password on the Dashboard
A Change Password functionality was added to the dashboard, available in the user setting page. A user can change his password provided he can type his old password correctly. For account password recovery, please feel free to contact our support.

Custom Macro
We have added an option to define custom macro in the player tag. You can now define [CUSTOM1] to [CUSTOM6] macros in the player tag 

Player ID is now clickable in reports
From today, a Player ID in the report is clickable. So access to report that are related to this player is much easier and faster.

Longer player names can be used
For those who were asking for longer player names, we have changed the player name limit to 200 characters. So player names can be more descriptive and easier for use.

Bug Fix: View by hour report - is now scrollable
When watching a report that is grouped by hour, the report is now scrollable and not as it was.

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