How to fire a click pixel to a 3rd party Ad Server?

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In order to fire a click pixel to a third-party Ad Server, you will need to use a custom tag as follows: 

<div id="video[PLAYER_ID][CB]" style="width:300px;height:250px;">
    <script src="[PLAYER_ID]&sid=[SUBID]&cb=[CB]&d=[URL]&w=300&h=250" type="text/javascript"></script>       <noscript><img src="[PlayerId]&sid=[SUBID]&cb=[CB]&domain=[URL]" width="1" height="1" /></noscript>

       function waitForAPI() {
         if (typeof (CEDATO_API) !== 'undefined') {
         var playerId = '[PlayerId]';
         var playerInterfaceId = 'video[PLAYER_ID][CB]';
         var apiInterface = CEDATO_API.getPlayer(playerInterfaceId).on('click', function(e) {
             var imgPixel = new Image();
             imgPixel.src = '' + playerId + '&vastId=' + + '&click_url=' +;
           } else {
              setTimeout(waitForAPI, 100);


Where [PLAYER_ID] is the playerId and [CB] is the cache buster. 

Your third-party pixel URL should be entered in this line: 


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