Working with CedatoX – Overview

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CedatoX is enabling a simple, private and direct supply/demand connection between any two Cedato seat members, with easy set up and improved optimization. Any Cedato seat member can offer supply or demand to another member, with terms set privately and directly between both parties, and executed over a server-level connection on the Cedato platform.

The stages of setting up and working with a CedatoX link include:

  • The Demand and Supply members set an agreed revenue share deal (privately and directly).
  • The Demand-side member creates a dedicated CedatoX demand partner using the Supply-side member’s network ID, and inputs the agreed revenue share.
  • The Supply-side member uses Cedato to load the CedatoX Demand items and assigns them to the set of agreed demand partners/supply sources.

The CedatoX VAST is optimized as part of any demand set according to the actual revenue share, to guarantee the most optimal yield and fill-rate. The CedatoX Demand item carries an improved yield optimization for nested demand.


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