10-MAY-2016 Release Overview - Updated Terminology and New Features

Cedato Support -

This short video outlines the highlights of this software release:

Updated terminology in the Dashboard
conforming to the clearer industry terms of Supply and Demand. UI and Dashboard wording will reflect Demand Side or Supply Side as follows:
- What was formerly 'VAST' will now become 'Demand', which can be of VAST or CedatoX type.
- What was formerly 'Player' will now become 'Supply', which can be of HTML Player, VAST or CedatoX type.

Callbacks on Events - easy configuration for callbacks ("pixels") using the dashboard, which call specific URLs upon system events such as PlayerReady, AdStart, and more.

Centralized Lists Support - list management was streamlined and centralized to a new dedicated 'Lists Management' tab, where you can load and update domains, bundle IDs, white lists and black lists, etc.

Actions Column - to make for easier navigation, all the action icons of each screen are now placed in a single Actions column.


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