Release Notes 10-AUG-2016

Yair Miranda -

Better account protection by requiring periodic password change

In order to increase account security and prevent compromising of data, we will start to require periodic account password change and stronger passwords policy. This means that in the next few weeks you will receive a request by the system to verify your email address and change your password to include a stronger and a more robust combination.  

Tag editor on Edit->Supply

The Tag editor was updated with additional predefined media sources and few content modifications. For example, mobile app tags will include the app bundle ID as default in the sub ID macro.

Title clarity - Previously Assigned Demand/Supply

For clarity, we have changed the checkbox on "Assigned Demand" and "Assigned Supply" tabs from "Show Unassigned Demand" and "Show Unassigned Supply" to "Show Previously Assigned Demand" and "Show Previously Assigned Supply" respectively. It is a more accurate description of the functionality.


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