Key Concepts and Terminology

Cedato Support -

The following concepts and terms are used in Cedato:

  • Ad: Sponsored content that is received from a demand partner and is usually defined by a VAST.
  • Callback URL: A function that reports back to your system (or a third-party system) regarding events associated with a specific demand or supply item.
  • CedatoX: A private marketplace that enables a simple to operate, private and direct supply/demand connection between two Cedato seat members.
  • Content: A playlist of video files that are attached to a specific HTML player. The player plays the content until the end or until a video ad is available.
  • Demand item: A Video Ad associated with a Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) or with a CedatoX partner.
  • HTML Tag: A self-optimizing intelligent wrapper tag that can be seamlessly used in any ad platform or exchange.
  • Publisher: The owner of a website or application (or someone with direct access to it). Cedato users can define accounts for publishers to enable them to access reports.
  • Supply item: A source of multiple opportunities for playing video ad and/or video content. For example, a Cedato Player (HTML), VAST or CedatoX partner.
  • VAST: A Video Ad Serving Template. Cedato supports HTML5 and Flash VAST types.
  • VPAID: Video Player Ad Interface Definition.
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