Viewing/Editing Demand Items

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You can view existing Demand items, edit their properties and view demand-specific reports.

To view the Demand items list:

From the Manage menu, select Demand.

The existing Demand items are listed on the Manage Demand page, including the following parameters:




A checkbox indicating the status of the Demand item. If the item is active, the checkbox is selected.

To list both active and non-active demand items, select the Show Inactive Demand checkbox.

Demand ID

A system-generated ID number.

Demand Name

The name of the Demand item.


The type of demand.


The URL where the Demand item is located.


If the use of the Demand item for ads on mobile devices is enabled, the   icon appears.

White List

Indicates whether a list of whitelisted domains has been defined for the item.

Black List

Indicates whether a list of blacklisted domains has been defined for the item.


Indicates whether VAST Request Limit is set to Min.


The Cost per Mille.


: Click to edit the properties of a Demand item.

  : Click to view a report for a specific Demand item.

 To edit the properties of a demand item:

  1. On the Manage Demand page, click the  icon in the table row for the Demand item to edit its properties.
  2. Edit the demand properties as required, then click Save.
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