Viewing Existing Lists

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You can upload lists to Cedato and then use those lists in setting restrictions on Demand and Supply (VAST and CedatoX) items. You can also download a list to view and edit it and reload it back to the system.

Note: The list must be a .txt file, no larger than 5 MB, with only one item per line.

To view existing lists:

From the Manage menu, select Lists.

The existing lists are listed on the Manage Lists page, including the following parameters:



List Name

The name of the list.

List ID

The system-generated ID number.

Entry Count

The number of entries in the list.

Used by

The number of Demand or Supply items that use the list.

Created at

The data and time when the list was created.


: Click to edit the list.

: Click to download the list.

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