Release Notes 27-Nov-2016

Cedato Support -

User Interface Improvements

In the current release we introduce the following improvements to our Dashboard functionality:

1) Validation of the entered Demand URL under Manage->Demand > Settings> URL:

After entering the Demand URL, Cedato will perform a validation to ensure the implemented macros comply with the macros from Cedato. This validation will improve the accuracy of the macro implementation in the Demand URL and avoid revenue loss due to wrong macro implementation.

If a red under-line appears in your entered URL then make sure the defined macro is correct as it is not recognized by the system. For a complete list of Cedato macros, click on the "View Available Macros" link on the same page.

 2) View active/inactive Demand/Supply assigned to Supply/Demand

When reviewing assigned demand to supply or supply to demand, it is useful to know if the assigned item is active or not. For that purpose, an additional column titled 'Active' is displayed in the overview of the assigned items of a Supply or Demand items. Customers can now identify inactive items that are assigned to a Supply or Demand. 

The new filter, it the form of a checkbox, appears in Manage->Demand->Edit->Supply tab and Manage->Supply->Edit->Assigned Demand tab.


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