Release Notes 07-Dec-2016

Cedato Support -

Introducing a New Report

Cedato is constantly working to improve our report options.

In the current release we present our partners with the possibility to optimize traffic by providing a detailed view of the Demand that is buying from a specific SubID, per Supply. 

To navigate to this report, go to:

Reports > Supply > select a Supply Item > select By SubID > click on a specific SubID to see the Demand that is buying from this SubID.


Changes to the Supply Tag

We removed the <noscript> HTML-tag from our Supply Tag.

The purpose of the <noscript> HTML-tag is to report back to Cedato when a browser does not support Java Script code and is not able to load the Cedato player. With the evolution of browser technologies over the last years, this HTML-tag has become obsolete.

This change does not affect the old implementations of the Supply that are already being used and receiving traffic. Therefore, it is not necessary to change the old implementation on active platforms.


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